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NO Outside Food or Drinks Permitted

Bonkerz is a full service restaurant and ABSOLUTELY No outside food or Drinks is permitted at Bonkerz FFC.

Party guests if you are hosting a party at Bonkerz, you may bring the following items. Fruit or Vegetable platter and Cake). When booking your party please let the party coordinator know what you will be bringing.

Event Deposit

All parties require a $100.00 deposit, which is due at the time of booking to reserve your date in our schedule. Cancellations must be up to 7 Days prior to your party to receive 50% credit towards use at Bonkerz for all activity or party packages, (Tokens excluded). Rescheduled party's require 7 days notice prior to your party date, If the party is cancelled a second time, the entire party deposit will be forfeited.  If the party is cancelled less than 7 days prior to the party, customer agrees that 100% of the deposit cost will be forfeited. 


All Lasertag participants are required to sign a waiver before they are able to participate in any Lasertag games at BonkerZ FFC. Waivers will be provided to the party parent upon booking, or by your party host. We are unable to make exceptions so please make sure to remind each party guest to bring their waiver on the day of the party! 

Party Guest Count

A final party guest count is requested 3 days before your event.  The actual party guest count may increase up to and including the day of the party.  You may bring additional people, but we may not have availability so please call ahead. Once you have confirmed the amount of guests for your party, we will be supplying enough pizza for the party guest count. If the party guest count is below your confirmed, you will be responsible for the extra pizza at $15 per Pizza. Pizza is for the paid party guests only. NOTE ! If you wish the parents of your child's friends to join in Lasertag, there will be added charges of $6 per game per person.

Party Rooms

Parties will have private party room for their parties, please note that your party room will be available once your party comes out of Lasertag. For parties of 23 or more , you will receive 2 party rooms. Once confirmation is made for over 23 kids, you will be responsible for the additional room charge of $50 if less then 23 guests come. Additional party room is available for $50 if you plan to have Family members or Parents staying for the party we encourage this.

Gratuity Charges

Gratuity charge will be at the customers discretion , please keep in mind your party host works very hard to ensure your special event runs smoothly.

Private Parties

Parties of 25 or more will have exclusive Lasertag Arena time. Due to costs involved under 25 guests, there may be other parties and / or walk on players included in their Lasertag session of similar age group. We always will try to accommodate the parties the best that we can. If interested in private party additional costs will be involved, please call ahead.  

NO Outside Food or Drinks Permitted

ABSOLUTELY No outside food or Drinks permitted at Bonkerz FFC. (exceptions are Fruit, Vegetable platter and Cake).

Food Allergies

Please call us to inform about any food allergy concerns, if your child or child's friends have a serious allergy to any types of foods, they are welcome to bring there own food for that child.

If you are not sure of anything, please DO NOT hesitate to ask !!!!!!!!!



Thank you


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